Monday, October 25, 2010


We're Movin on Up!

To All My Friends and Fans,
My Mommy and Daddy are making us move! I love having my own place but they say we need to make room for any family that may come in the future. I guess I do need to share with my Mommy and Daddy, but I'm just a little boy and I don't even like to share yet! We've had a fun time here but Mom and Dad say it's time to move on in case I ever have any brothers and sisters. What are they talking about? Oh well. I'll still be around our new place so come visit me (and my family)
Boston McNally Rubert

Monday, August 16, 2010


And we're off!

Let the Boston Marathon begin! Here's some random fun stuff that has happened in the last month.

We had s'mores at Grandma and Grandpa Rubert's house.

As was expected it was everything we could do to keep Bos out of the fire. But mom seemed to be just the ticket.

Another bit of "fun" has been Boston's double ear infection which made him throw everything up. Everything. And on everything.
Boston's bed friends got it pretty bad so they had to be washed and hung out to dry.
Well Boston saw his friends in a predicament and wanted to spring 'em.

The plan was simple...

...but the rescue attempt fell a little... short.

Good attempt, though Boston.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dad, the Great Slacker

Well, I've outdone myself this time. I let whole month pass without a post and now we have to play catch up. I thought instead of cramming a whole bunch of stuff into one post we'd do a marathon... a Boston Marathon, if you will... and I'll do several days in a row cataloging different events that have happened.

The first event was one that we were anxious for all summer... a visit from Grandma Kim and Grandpa Ken. We had so much fun and were so happy to have them in our home. Now, being the Great Slacker, as was pointed out in the title, I didn't snap nearly as many pictures as I should have. But luckily Grandma Kim and Mom have a collective On-The-Ball rating of about 10.1 (out of a possible 10, I'm assuming) so we were able to gather some good stuff. Here we go...

We had an awesome picnic lunch at Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls and Boston could scarcely contain himself with how much space there was to run.

And run he did.

And fall.

After that we all walked around a cool street art fair on the greenbelt. There were lots of amazing artists there so we all naturally thought that Willson & McKee should be making the scene complete. After filling our souls with art we wanted to fill the geese with something... and since a loaf of bread was cheaper than stuffing we decided to feed the free loaders.
This was Boston's second time feeding the geese and he wasn't scared at all.

Mom tried to show him how to throw the bread, but he has a little trouble with his release.

I think he was confused because he tends to throw a significant amount of food on the ground (he likes to share with the dogs at his various grandparents' houses) so when we told him to throw it, he did just what his dad would do... eat it.

Boston found a soft feather... and, no he didn't pluck it from an unsuspecting goose.

Grandma Kim got some pretty cool family shots of us. This is a rare one where we're all looking at the same thing and no one is blinking/crying/sighing/squirming/panicking.

Here's another good one in front of the falls.

Kjerstin was quite a bit more successful at teaching the boy to throw... she's a pillar of patience.

Of course, he eventually lost interest and tried to go for a swim.

After all that outdoors we were ready for some grub. We decided Del Rio sounded good. Boston, having been the busiest of us all, was naturally the thirstiest of us all.

After a long exhausting day we called time out and resumed the next morning. We got to just hang out at the house and visit for a few hours. Boston just had to show Grandma Kim all of his toys.

It was super fun to have Grandma and Grandpa over and we hope they can come again soon. Next time I'll try to redeem myself with pictures and then be more prompt in posting them. Next time I also hope we have better luck getting a picture of Boston and Grandma where he's not confused. He did give her hugs and even laid his head on her shoulder but my trigger finger is mighty rusty these days.

Boston hearts Grandma.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lovin' Summer and Havin' Some Fun

We've had an exciting summer already! We're having lots of fun and have so much to show and tell you all!
Since Justin is working full time, doing school online, reading about a million books and writing in numerous journals/books I thought I (Kjerstin) could take my turn writing on the blog! I've asked so many questions about what to do though that I've been informed that this will be my one and only time "helping out." So hello and goodbye!

We started off our summer with a special trip from Grandma and Grandad Lee! It was the first time for Boston to meet them and the second time for me! We got to see them for the whole weekend and catch up on all the family news. Boston loves all his Grandmas and Grandpas so of course he loved spending time with these ones too!

Next we had a visit from Aunt Carrie and (soon to be) Uncle Paul. Of course when the girls come to town we love to spend hours at Porters Crafts which, since Boston was born has been his least favorite place. Around hour 2 of our fabric marathon Boston had to take a break and roll, roll, roll in the Minkee. He must have thought he needed a new lovie! (Hint Hint Grandmas)

One afternoon we had picnic at The Falls in Idaho Falls. After we had our lunch we packed up the stroller and strolled around the river to show Boston the ducks and feed them a snack.

Poor Boston got so attached to the ducks and his own reflection in the water that he was so sad to leave them. But I just had to have a picture with my Baby at his first picnic!

Here's Justin bringing Boston back to the picnic for roughly the hundredth time.

Since the weather started getting nice we try to spend a lot of time outside. Boston loves it so much and never wants to come in. He is particularly interested in the lawn mowing process and loves to be a part of anything Daddy is doing! So here he is being a helper!

Pretty much everyday when I get home from work Boston and I find any excuse to go for a walk. This time we walked to the grocery store and after he was so good while we were shopping he got a balloon! He held on to it the whole way home and it was his favorite toy until sadly a few days later it's still a mystery!

Over the 4th of July weekend we packed up with Aunt Lynzi and Uncle Kaden and made the longest short trip to Twin Falls ever! We went to Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs for the Rubert Family Reunion. There Boston met a lot of new family, camped for the first time, and went swimming for the first time, too! Before we went in the pool he took a dip in the hot stream. What you can barely see in the picture is that he is holding on to a carrot. He would give it a little dip in the stream and then take a bite out of it. We tried to stop him at first but then gave in and got the camera. Hey we were roughin' it!
Boston loved his first time swimming but he was too exhausted to smile by the time we got the camera.

Boston found a playhouse on the last day!

After a night of not sleeping and a lot of time in the sun here's our tired family on the last day of the reunion.

The week we got back from the reunion we crashed Grandma Ruberts work party at Porter Park in Rexburg. After dinner we snuck away to take a ride on the Carousel. Only $1 buys you about 5 minutes of unforgettable fun for all!

A lot of nights after dinner we all pack up for a run around the high school track. Boston was feeling a little couped up on this night so he hopped out of his comfy stroller and took off for a refreshing speed walk!

After all the walking he got a little hot and sweaty so luckily the sprinklers came on! Here he is experiencing sprinklers for the first time. What was supposed to be a little family exercise turned into such a fun family memory!

Well there you have it! The first months of our first summer with a little boy! We wish we could have you all with us to live these precious moments of Bostons life but since we can't we are so glad we can give you a glimpse of these little memories we're making! first blogging experience was so fun! Maybe I can sneak another one in sometime! Love ya!

Monday, June 7, 2010


One Year!

It was Boston's Beyond Bonkers Birthday Bash at the Rubert house last Saturday. It was so intense it took three days for me to recuperate enough to post the event! So I'll cut the yakkin' and get crack-a-lackin'... or whatever the kids are saying these days..

Boston started off wearing his sharp sweater and polo he got from Grandma and Grandad Lee... and boy did he impress! Here he is starting things off right: with a little bit of ham... and some meat.

After some sandwiches that Kjerstin professionally made we got right into the gifts, posted in as close to the order in which they were opened.

Here's a great big bag of great big legos from Great Big Grandpa Mac.

Uncle Kaden found this surprisingly fascinating old-school mower at Ikea. Those innovative Swedes!

This was a big highlight... Boston's own tools! He's gotten tired of borrowing mine to fix all the things around the house that I break... coincidentally trying to fix them. Grandma Kim and his aunts Haily and Darci thought this was a great idea for our manly little man and when they saw the helmet they knew that it was a done deal.

That's not your imagination, the newest foreman of the Rubert house has his name AND his position right on his helmet.

In hopes of instilling a little bit of musical talent in the handyman we got Boston a xylophone.

Aunt Meagan and Uncle Dolphe got Boston this awesome train set... I'm enjoying this as much as Boston is, although I appreciate watching it go around the track on its own and Boston likes to watch it go right into his mouth.

We gave Boston a mower, too. I swear we're not trying to indoctrinate him into loving to do yard work.

The Rubert and Jones grandparents both gave Boston his own little library, which I really thought was cool, and not just so he'll stop chewing on my books.

They're all perfect for Boston... which means they're nice and thick for chewing. There are some really, really good books, though, and Boston already enjoys having his mommy read to him.

Finally, Boston found the wagon full of legos from Grandpa Mac. He's ready now for some serious man business around the house.

Then on to the cake!

The fire didn't so much scare him as entice him...

He tried to grab it!
Mom rescued him, though.

Boston was a little hesitant at first, expecting someone to stop him.

Now the com-mess-ment!

We are all very proud of the little guy. He had so much fun and that was fun for everyone else. We really missed those that couldn't be there, but there will be many, many more birthdays to share with Boston.
As a bonus, here's Boston all shnazzed up for church on his first official day as a one year old. If it looks like he has a little swagger in his step it's because he somehow got a hold of a little ego on his birthday. Of course, look at his gorgeous mother... he was genetically doomed to superstar looks.